Romeo and Juliet Study Guide Questions ACT 1

1. In the Prologue, what does the chorus say will happen to the two lovers?
2. What does Escalus say he will do to anyone who fights in the future?
3. How does Benvolio say the fighting began?
4. According to Benvolio and Mercutio, how has Romeo been acting recently?
5. What remedy does Benvolio suggest for Romeo’s problem?
6. In scene 2, what does Capulet tell Paris he will have to do in order to marry Juliet?
7. Why does the servant ask Romeo to read the list of guests who are invited to the party at the Capulets?
8. What makes Romeo decide to go to the party?
9. In scene 3 we learn that Juliet is how old?
10. What is the nurse’s opinion of Paris?
11. How do Romeo and friends plan to hide their identity at the Capulet’s party?
12. Who is Queen Mab?
13. What feelings about dreams does Mercutio express in his Queen Mab monologue?
14. At the end of scene 4, what does Romeo fear?
15. How does Romeo react when he first sees Juliet? To what does he compare her?
16. How does Juliet react to Romeo in their first meeting?
17. How does Tybalt react to the news that Romeo is at the party? How does Capulet react?

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