Dracula Study Guide Questions and Answers Chapters 8,9,10

Dracula Study Guide Questions and Answers Chapters 8,9,10

Dracula Questions on Chapters 8

  1. List the details of the references to the “New Woman.”
  2. What happened to Lucy in the sleepwalking incident of 11 August 3 a.m.?
  3. How does Mina believe Lucy received the marks on her neck?
  4. How does Lucy react to the setting of the sun against St. Mary’s church? Why do you think it affects her in this way?
  5. August 17th how has the wound on Lucy’s neck changed? What are the circumstances surrounding this change?  (What has happened at the same time?)
  6. What comes before and after the letters between Billingworth and Carter? Why is this significant?
  7. Who is the Master?

Dracula Questions on Chapters 9

  1. The forces of good are starting to assemble – what characterizes good?
  2. What is Jonathan’s condition in this chapter?
  3. How does Lucy describe what is happening to her?
  4. Define paroxysm. (Seward’s diary – 4 September)

Dracula Questions on Chapters 10

  1. Discuss the issue of madness and God. How is this mentioned?
  2. Does Van Helsing’s description of Lucy differ substantially from Seward’s? Why?
  3. How is the evil presented in this chapter?

Dracula Questions Chapters 10, 11, 12, amd 13

  1. Who supplies blood for Lucy’s first blood transfusion?____________________________
  2. What does Lucy wear around her neck to hide the marks on her neck?___________________________________________________________________
  3. Who is instructed to keep vigil over Lucy at night? ______________________________
  4. On 11 September Van Helsing gives Lucy a “great bundle of white flowers.” What type of flowers are they? _______________________________________________________
  5. Van Helsing gives Lucy two instructions regarding the plan with the flowers, what are they?
    1. __________________________________________________________________
    2. __________________________________________________________________
  6. How does Lucy’s mother interfere with Van Helsing’s plan? ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________
  7. In chapter 11, Lucy describes the events that transpire at night.  Name two of the three. ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________
  8. What is the name of the Bilder’s wolf?________________________________________
  9. How does this particular wolf act in the excerpt from “The Pall Mall Gazette”? ________________________________________________________________________
  10. 17 September, Describe the attack on Dr. Seward. (Don’t forget to name the attacker) ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  11. According to her memorandum, what is Lucy ultimately attacked by? __________________
  12. Lucy is dead when Van Helsing and Seward arrive.        TRUE              FALSE
  13. In chapter 12, who’s arrival “saves” Lucy? _______________________________________
  14. Jack Smollet and Thomas Snelling work for what kind of company? ___________________ ____________________________________.
  15. Why does Van Helsing need post-mortem knives? _________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________
  16. Who has inherited all Mrs. Westerna’s property after Lucy’s death?____________________
  17.  Who are the victims of the “bloofer lady”? _______________________________________

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