Dracula End of the Novel Questions

Dracula End of the Novel Questions and Study Guide -Dracula End of the Novel Questions

1. Note the setting of the last chapter – has the novel come full circle?
a. Notice the environment.
b. Comment on the allusion to Macbeth.

2. Describe the novel’s final moments.
a. What happens to Dracula?
b. What does it mimic?
c. What is the state of his soul?
d. Who is most responsible for Dracula’s demise?

3. Evaluate the effects that Dracula has on the various characters he encounters in the story.
a. How does he bring out their best and most noble instincts?
b. How does he bring out their worst or least attractive qualities?

4. What is the significance of blood in Dracula?
a. What is its value to humans?
b. To the vampires?
c. Explore the literal and symbolic meanings of blood in the story.

5. Explain some ways Dracula remains an icon in today’s popular culture. Compare and contrast the different ways Dracula is portrayed in movies, television, and other books. Is Dracula’s power as a symbol increased or diminished when he is “rewritten” into new texts.

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